Slate Roof Press is a member-run press established in 2004 and committed to publishing Massachusetts and regional poets. We publish limited edition, art-quality chapbooks, which are designed by the poets and printed by member and master printer Ed Rayher. We pay careful attention to typography, paper choice, binding, and cover art.

Members, including Slate Roof Press contest winners, are involved in all aspects of the publishing process, from concept to marketing. We publish an average of two chapbooks per year, and our print run is 350 copies. All profits return to the press, and poets retain copyright.


(from left to right) Abbot Cutler, Cindy Snow, Janet MacFadyen, Dennis Pollock, Ed Rayher. Not pictured: Amanda Lou Doster, Anna M. Warrock

Membership requires a three-year work commitment, with an average of 8-10 hours of work per month, including a monthly business meeting. Typical member tasks include reviewing manuscripts, managing consignment accounts and mailing lists, assembling books, editing and design, accounting, promotion, and readings, which are essential to book sales.

At Slate Roof, we follow a consensus model of decision making. Copies of both the Membership Agreement and the Author's Contract are available for review, and details on our contest can be found on our Contest page.
If you have questions, please contact us.

mccMany thanks to Terry Ehret from Sixteen Rivers Press, a publishing collective in the San Francisco Bay area, and to Cooperative Development Institute, Greenfield, MA. Thanks also to the Arms Library, Shelburne Falls, and its Third Friday Open Prose & Poetry Reading Series.


Janet MacFadyen


Jim Bell, Trish Crapo, Susan Middleton, Susie Patlove,
Janine Roberts, Paula Sayword, Art Stein, Abbot Cutler


Patricia Lee Lewis
John MacDonald
Prudence Grand
Stan Crapo
Patty Crane
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