Deadline for submission: May 15, 2015

Over Ten Years of Poetry

Slate Roof members are involved in all aspects of publishing. Typical tasks include working with local vendors, managing bookstore accounts, accounting, designing promotional materials, sending out promotion, providing feedback on other members' manuscripts, and editing/proofreading final copy. The chapbooks are designed by the poets; we pay attention to typography, papers, and binding. Our current print run is 350 copies; of that, 25 copies are given to the author, and 50 are retained by Slate Roof for promotional purposes. Poets retain copyright. All profits return to the press

Slate Roof Press announces its Third Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest. We produce beautiful books with letterpress covers by an award-winning bookmaker, using high-quality papers. The winner becomes an active member of the press. Based in Greenfield, MA, Slate Roof is a member-run, not-for-profit collaborative, publishing art-quality chapbooks since 2004.

  1. To enter, review Membership Requirements below and to the right.

  2. Prepare your submission, including the following:
    • A title page with the title of the manuscript only; a table of contents, with pages indicated; a manuscript of no more than 28 pages of poems, 12 pt., Times, 8.5 x 11 paper, 1" margins, pages numbered. No identifying information on any of these pages.
    • A separate cover sheet with title of manuscript, your name, address, telephone number, email address, and a short bio that notes collective or group experience you have or skills related to publishing.
    • Note that while individual poems may have been published, the collection as a whole must be unpublished.

  3. Determine your method of submission:
    • If submitting online (preferred method), visit the online link here. Paste cover sheet into text box. Upload title page, table of contents, and manuscript (all three as a single document, no identifying information) preferably in pdf format; doc, docx, txt, or rtf will also work. Other formats will not be accepted. See full instructions online.
    • If submitting hard copies, mail two copies of all materials to the Slate Roof address noted below by May 15, 2015 (postmark). No staples.
    • Mail two SASEs for receipt of confirmation and notification of winner; without the SASEs, notification will be via email.

  4. Submit $25 reading fee. If submitting online, make payment via credit card online. If submitting by post, make check out to Slate Roof Press and send with submission to the address below. All entries will be considered complete once payment is received.

    Slate Roof Press, 15 Warwick Avenue, Northfield, MA 01360-9638.

A winning manuscript will be chosen by the press via a blind review. In addition, we may offer publication and membership to finalists. For additional information on Slate Roof Press contact us here. In the unlikely event that we feel entries do not meet our requirements, we reserve the right not to select a winner, in which case entry fees will be refunded.


As a collaborative, we are dedicated to publishing the best work and involving poets in the publishing process. Contest winner agrees to a three-year work commitment, averaging 8-10 hours/month, including a monthly business meeting in Greenfield, MA. Contest winner works with members toward publication and marketing of his/her work, as well as the work of others in the collective. Slate Roof commits to publishing the winning manuscript within the member's three-year term. Members receive feedback on drafts and final manuscript, as well as suggestions regarding editing.