Slate Roof Press

2017 Elyse Wolf Prize & Annual Chapbook Contest

Slate Roof Press is delighted to announce the selection of Changeable Gods by Richard Wollman as the winner of the Elyse Wolf Prize & annual poetry chapbook contest.

About the winning author and manuscript

All of us at Slate Roof Press were immediately taken by Richard Wollman's manuscript. These are deeply crafted poems, lacing an artist's perception of color with atmospheric intensity and emotional resonance, which pulls the reader into his world.

Richard Wollman is the author of Evidence of Things Seen (Sheep Meadow Press) and A Cemetery Affair (Finishing Line Press). His awards include the Gulf Coast Prize for Poetry and the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award for Poems on the Jewish Experience. His poems have appeared in New England Review, Margie, Notre Dame Review, Florida Review, and Poetry Daily. He is Professor of English and Creative Writing at Simmons College. He holds degrees from Brandeis University and Columbia University.

Charles Butterfield, Attic Windows
James Deitz, Still Seeing a Dead Soldier
Christine Hamm, Dear Ship in Flames
Alice Thomas, Plight

Mary Buchinger, Killdeer
Alison Cimino, While Crows Delight
Robert Hecht, Witness Report
Dale Rosenkrantz, Gentle Cycle
Christine Tierney, Make Me Unsick
Sally Zakariya, The Extraordinary Rightness of Arriving

We at Slate Roof thank everyone who participated for their considerable time, work, and heart in preparing and submitting a manuscript. The selection process was long and difficult; we received many excellent manuscripts representing a broad spectrum of poetic styles and concerns, and each of us read every one. Our selection process was blind.