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Congratulations to Candace R. Curran, winner of the 2022 Elyse Wolf Prize/Slate Roof Press Annual Chapbook Contest!

The Wild Language of Deer
by Susan Glass
Elyse Wolf Prize Winner

"Something almost otherworldly hovers at the edges of these poems, a quiet attunement that brushes humbly up against the big mysteries."  -- The Boston Globe:

"This book, with its exquisite woodcuts and a poem in Braille translation, will subtly reorient your relationship to our world."

— Alison Luterman

"One step into the stilled silence of Susan Glass' The Wild Language of Deer and we are aware how acutely the next step might break us. Of course, there is no erasing the footfall or unhearing the snap of these poems 'that will never domesticate, that welcome / this wild language back…'"

— Nils Michals

We're delighted to offer two letterpress broadsides by SRP Glass Broadside Contest winners, poets Jendi Reiter and Armen Davoudian! Both feature original woodcuts by J. Hyde Meissner. $15/each. Click here.

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Just released! Changeable Gods, by Richard Wollman
Elyse Wolf Prize Winner

With echoes of Rilke's sonnets, Changeable Gods compels the reader through a sequence of beautifully imagistic love poems, in which the changing hues of early morning and the gods themselves emerge and recede, only to reemerge under the poet's painterly eye.

"In this remarkable book, Wollman uses clear and lyrical human speech to create a sequence of poems at once complex and intimate. The gods he speaks of do not always inspire trust, but do, however, inspire lyric poetry of sheer beauty....[When] the gods take flight and the poet is thrown back upon himself, he has that self to fall back on....deeply changed by having participated in the creation of days...." — Alfred Nicol

Writing from the Broken Places: Northern Hope Poetry 3

Mentored & compiled by Jim Bell
Now available for preorder

The writings are powerful and insightful, … a resource for those whose loved ones have been ravaged by addiction. — John A. Jones, Chief Probation Officer, Orange MA. District Court

The poems…rage and wrench yet produce, with profound clarity, hope and light, “hard to walk towards it/ but damn it it’s beautiful”… — Lauren Marie Schmidt

This essential poetry anthology by people at the Northern Hope Recovery Center bears witness to the dignity and struggle of those in recovery—and the courage of writers who write to live.

Slate Roof Press is donating $3 of every sale to the North Quabbin Recovery Center, Atholl, MA.


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