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All We Can Do Is Wait

by Ed Rayher

The End

postponed again:
a shortage of Plague,
delivery problems with Brimstone,
Pestilence out sick
& Calamity must get some sleep.

All around the garden
rabbits can be heard
sharpening teeth,
winding springs.

All we can do is wait

Say Dance, Say Night

by Abbot Cutler

Abbot Cutler’s poetry is so fresh and clear as to be transparent.
Radiant . . . passionate, grieving, with a good bite
about the public stuff.
                                                             Coleman Barks
                                                             author of Hummingbird Sleep


What Sleeps Inside

by Paula Sayword

In What Sleeps Inside, Sayword deftly illuminates places of loss as well as places of tremendous beauty and hope. Sensual, redemptive, sorrowful, wise, and full of magic.
—Carol Potter, author of four collections, the most recent, Otherwise Obedient

In the Provincelands

by Janet MacFayden

It's one thing to live in the natural world, but it's another to move from naturally being one thing to being another in the world. MacFadyen delights in deliciously observing how the self shifts and ebbs and flows like the tide.

--Gian Lombardo, Poet & Director of Quale Press

Seed Case of the Heart

by Susan Middleton

Susan Middleton's poems burst from their careful "seed case," blown by passions of desire and betrayal, into the clear air of forgiveness, solitude, and hope.
—Patricia Lee Lewis, A Kind of Yellow

The Body Alters

by Janine Roberts

Janine's handsome poems plummet into life; births and deaths collide in both intimate moments and far-flung adventures. They are full of hope for all of our changing selves.
—Mary Clare Powell, Things Owls Ate, Academic Scat, and In the Living Room

by Art Stein

...a life-loving poet—one who lives his pleasures, not a mere observer. One fine book!
—Larry Kimmel, Editor, Winfred Press


by Susie Patlove

Susie Patlove writes timeless lyrics both flooded with light and rooted in many kinds of dark.
—Ellen Doré Watson, Director, The Poetry Center
at Smith College

Walk Through Paradise Backwards

by Trish Crapo

Trish Crapo's work possesses the clarity, passion, and strong natural imagery that create the genuine presence of life.
Barry Sternlieb, Editor,
Mad River Press

Crossing the Bar

by Jim Bell

Jim Bell's poems wake up your senses and remind you to pay attention. They shock you back to life.
—Jan Frazier, Jan Frazier's
    Greatest Hits

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